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Top 3 Easy Trails To Hike In Faroe Islands

Because there are so many mountains in the Faroe Islands, it can be quite a challenge to pick out hiking trails among the many options. Here are 3 easy hiking trails for those who want to trek in the untouched nature and want to explore vast landscapes with great photo opportunities.

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Top 10 Nordic Dishes You Can Find On Faroe Islands Worth Trying

From fermented cabbage to the unique taste of the Danish hot dog, individuals from the Northern Hemisphere have conquered the skills needed to create some of the most delicious foods in the world. The secrets behind these kitchen masterminds derives from a few old and some New Nordic style cooking techniques.

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Top 12 Things To Do In The Faroe Islands To Put Into Your Bucket List

Four days were never going to be enough. Lying adrift in the North Atlantic, the far-flung Faroes were once reserved for only the hardiest travellers. However, much has changed and today the 18 wild and windswept isles are drawing more and more visitors each year.